Bats at the Shreveport Police Department? It might sound funny at first, but it's a pretty serious issue.

Last week, a citizen reported an an accumulation of debris at the base of one of the walls where a public meeting was being held. A pest control company checked the area and reported a probable bat infestation in the walls.

Employees also began noticing an odd odor coming from the top flood of the building. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate the source, Police Chief Willie Shaw called an environmental vendor to check the top floor of the building to make sure there was nothing that would affect employees' health.

The department received a letter stating such an infestation could be creating the offensive odors and constant exposure may lead to health risks. So the SPD has relocated several of its investigative departments until the issue can be addressed.

Police spokesman Marcus Hines said in a news release that it's too early to know the extent of the problem and exactly what will need to be done. Chief Shaw is working with Shreveport Public Assembly and Recreation Director Shelly Ragle to discuss alternative work locations until employees can return to the building.

"The Shreveport Police Department recognizes our employees are our most valuable resources," Corporal Hines said in the release. "These men and women do a tremendous job protecting the citizens of Shreveport and we will do everything in our power to ensure they have a healthy work environment in which to do those things we call upon them to do."