Dodge has released a set of commercials featuring the main character in Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, who is played by actor Will Ferrell to promote the automaker's Durango.

The commercials feature Burgundy on a set with the Durango beside him as tells the viewers reasons to buy the Dodge SUV.

In one commercial, Burgundy tells the viewer that he is the only one who will tell you about the .1 cubic foot glove box.  One of his selling points for the glove box is its ability to hold two turkey sandwiches... or 70 packs of gum.



...and it's guaranteed to come standard in all Dodge Durangos.


In this commercial, Burgundy talks about the Dodge Durango's fuel mileage.  Which seems to be a topic foreign to Mr. Burgundy...



In the following commercial, Burgundy talks about the elegance of the Dodge Durango. However, he is annoyed by the dancers...



...and they tried sneaking back onto the set.



Burgundy also goes ahead and compares the power of the Dodge Durango to the power of a single horse.



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