The local chapter of the American Red Cross is holding a Health Fair this week. It runs from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. tomorrow at First Baptist Bossier on East Texas Street.

This is a low-cost opportunity for people to keep up with their health. There are three blood screening options available: A detailed profile (Multi-Chem, CBC, Lipid & Thyroid Profiles at a $40 cost; A detailed profile with a PSA Screening for men (Multi-Chem, CBC, Lipid & Thyroid Profiles and Prostate Cancer Screen) for $50; and a take-home Colorectal Cancer Screen for $5.

Participants should fast for 12 hours before the tests. Drinking water is O.K. You also need to bring a 46-cent stamp or the money to buy one, so your results can be mailed back to you.