It was just a few months ago when the Independence Bowl officially changed its name to the Advocare V-100 Bowl, but now the sponsor says it is ending it's relationship after the 2013 game.

Tim Fletcher, host of The Tim Fletcher Show on 1130 The Tiger, reports that Advocare is ending the agreement.

"In the bowl business, anything beyond three years is a really good partnership," Executive Director Missy Setters told KEEL.  "That's the typical duration of title sponsorships in the bowl business.  We feel very fortunate to have Advocare as a partner for this long and we're looking forward to the 2013 game."

Setters said there were several reasons for Advocare to end the relationship.

"They want what's absolutely best for Advocare and they wanted a full game or a game or whatever it might be that gives them the most impact.  They are growing by leaps and bounds.  As you have noticed, over the last few days announced sponsorships with a number of sporting events."

And the failure of a local hotel/motel tax to support local sporting events was also a major issue, according to Setters.  Is there any concern from the bowl game organizers?

"We have been through this before," explained Setters.  "Again, it's part of the bowl business.  You have a sponsor, eventually you lose a sponsor, you look for a new one and secure that one then move on.  Been around for 38 years and hopefully we'll be around for a lot more."

She did add that they do have the money to put on the 2014 game without a title sponsor, but would prefer to secure one.  Setters described the bowl game's financial state as great.

Will the Independence Bowl name be returning?

"We did start the process of trademarking the Independence Bowl name right after the decision was made to change it, just to be safe.  That process will hopefully be competed in a few weeks.  After the game this year, we will go back to the Independence Bowl name."

The Independence Bowl name has been used since the game began, often titled The [Sponsor Name] Independence Bowl, like the Advocare V-100 Independence Bowl.  Advocare and the bowl game organizers changed the game name back in March to the Advocare V-100 Bowl to give the sponsor more "bang for their buck."