They were a huge hit with the Ragin' Cajun fans, so now Sonic is taking sports-emblazoned hamburger buns to the rest of Louisiana and parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Sonic Drive-In spokesman Patrick Lenow says one franchise owner in Acadiana tried out the idea of putting a University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns logo on a bun to create a "local" burger.

It features an edible logo on the bun and unique additions like Tabasco flavored mayo or other regional ingredients.

The logos are stamped onto the buns and are made with tapioca starch and up to three USDA-approved food colorings steamed into the bun.

Lenow says markets like Monroe will have University of Louisiana at Monroe on their buns.

But that led to a debate in our studio.  Which should be our "local" sports team?

This morning, Angela and I had a mild debate about that question.  I argued it should be the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, since they are technically closer to Shreveport and have a larger football program.  Angela argued it should be the Northwestern State University Demons.

Who do you think should be the "local" college football team on Sonic's burger buns?