If you love 'Yellowstone', and want to get a job in the filming industry, boy have we got one for you.

The creator of the show 'Yellowstone', Taylor Sheridan, is now working on a new project in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The project is going to be based on frontier lawman Bass Reeves. This will reportedly be part of the '1883' series, which is an origin story spinoff from 'Yellowstone'.

If you're not familiar with the story of Bass Reeves, he's a legend of the frontier west. He was reportedly responsible for over 3,000 arrests, and killed 14 criminals in self defense. Reeves was born into slavery in Arkansas, but gained his freedom at some point during the Civil War. He then relocated to Native American territory, where he lived with multiple tribes. Reeves learned their language and customs during this time. He was then freed after the 13th Amendment was signed in 1865.

In the 1870s, he was recruited to become a Deputy US Marshal, and was named the first African American Deputy west of the Mississippi River. Reeves law career was centered around the Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma region.

Now that we know about Reeves, and the basis of the show, here's where you come in.

Sheridan's production is currently looking for help. Right now, they need Production Assistants. A job you can apply for right here. This is an entry level position in the filming industry, so even if you don't have a lot of on-set experience, this is your chance to break in.

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