Nerf guns are awesome!  The only reason I'm not mad they didn't have select-fire, battery operated, foam-dart machine guns is that I have a kid that loves them!  That means that I have every excuse in the world to strap on a ruck-sack full of darts and engage in battle after battle with my son.  I'm just being an active and involved dad, right?

That being said, there's no way I will be missing the largest Nerf gun battle in the world.  I mean we, as in my 11 year old son and I.  This spring, AT&T Stadium will host this foam battle royal and everyone is invited!  Of course, there is a minimal entry fee and you will have to supply your own guns and ammo - but the stadium will supply the arena of combat complete with inflatable barriers and bunkers.

This event is actually the 5th edition of Jared's Epic Nerf Battle, a huge brawl that currently holds the world record for "biggest toy pistol fight."  The tickets range from $12 to $32 and are based on availability.  There is no difference in the access granted from one ticket to the next, but as more combatants sign up - the higher the ticket prices go.

The battle is expected to bring in thousands of folks of all ages, but if you are thinking about signing up and bringing the furious foam - you'll have to be prepared.  Any Nerf gun ever made is eligible, but you probably won't bring back as many darts as you take in.  Check out the official rules and requirements here.

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