Ronald "Doc" Key and Kirk Calhoun from Woody's Home for Veterans in Shreveport talk with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the purpose of the home, the way it serves area vets and its latest fundraising efforts.

Key tells KEEL listeners that he founded the home in 2003 because, as he says, "Our veterans deserve a place to call home. With 45% of homeless veterans suffering from mental illness, we saw a need beyond an institution, a place to call home with a 24-hour caring staff. At Woody's, veterans are given the opportunity to receive counseling, medical care and medicine management."

More about Woody's Home for Veterans from their website,

"Our veterans are the fogotten ones.  Most remember and support the veterans who return from overseas with an obvious handicap. Our residents came back from their time of service with deep wounds not necessarily visible to the naked eye.  Conditions such as (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, both brought about by the horrors of combat, can be devastating and permanently alter a person's life.  

 We provide a home and safe haven for our veterans.  They can interact with one another, feel safe,  and continue to receive the care they need and deserve.  In 2008, we opened the doors to our second home and currently stay 90% or more.   

We are accreditied with the VA hospital.  Locally, the VA has over 300 registered homeless veterans in our area and unsure of non-registered.  The numbers continue to grow in every town, city and state.

Our goal is to assist as many veterans suffering from mental health issues and give them a place to call home.  We will continue to open more homes as funding allows."  

For more information about Woody's Home for veterans, 442 Jordan Street in Shreveport, including upcoming fundraisers and how you can help, JUST CLICK HERE!

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