When I was a Senior in High School I sold breakfast burritos and was making a killing, up until the school informed me I couldn't keep selling food without some kind of permit. The one day I was able to sell burritos I walked home with over $150. Sometimes I wish I would have paid more attention to my teacher when it came to economics. Clearly, Missouri Western State University student Maggie Archer listened and took notes when it came to how you can make some easy money using the tools you already have. By tools I mean apps, not men, well maybe I mean both. Archer got on her Tinder and in her bio, she put "send me $5, see what happens," and well, you can imagine what several men were thinking they'd get out of a $5 investment. Archer matched with several men on the popular dating app, and when the men would ask what they'd get for $5 Archer would suggest they send the money and find out for themselves. Several men fell for it and as soon as Archer would get their $5 donation into her Paypal account she would un-match with them and carry on to the next man who was willing to donate. To any guy who took the bait, I am sorry she "got you" but you have to admit, it's rather genius!

According to Tinder's usage guidelines, you can't ask for money, so hopefully, Archer made all the money she could before her account was suspended. Way to think outside the box Maggie Archer!

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