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This weeks winter weather has caused a lot of damage across both Texas and Louisiana. Damage to homes, municipal infrastructure, power grids, and businesses. Shreveport has not been spared from this damage.

Even though we've had some thawing over the last 24 hours, a lot of ice build up, and re-freezing, has led to additional issues.

On the roads, there has been some melting of the top layers, but as they froze again overnight, it has created ice berms in the lanes of I20, making some areas difficult to navigate for most vehicles.

Stories of carports and patio roofs collapsing have been reported all across Shreveport and Bossier City. But this might be the most dramatic scene yet. The cover over the gas pumps at the Shell station at 4749 North Market Street in Shreveport appears to have collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice buildup.

TSM Staff Photo
TSM Staff Photo

Its not just structural damage that Shreveport has been dealing with. The city is still suffering from water issues, including a boil advisory and water pressure issues. Some city residents are still without water service.

The National Guard has arrived in Shreveport to assist with getting clean water to residents. While the city is working to provide water to critical locations, including area hospitals.

The Shreveport City Council has an emergency meeting set for tonight where they will discuss the city's water emergency, overtime pay for city workers, and other issues related to the winter weather emergency.


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