Today will be a big day for the State of Louisiana, as Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to announce whether or not the state will enter into Phase 3 of reopening. Unlike the previous moves, Phase 3 does not seem to be a certainty.

Over recent weeks, in certain areas of the state, cases and hospitalizations have seen a slight uptick. While the Governor has expressed concern over the increases, whether or not he considers it be serious enough to stay in Phase 2 remains to be seen.

461 new cases have been reported today and there was a recent 'outbreak' of COVID in Baton Rouge that has effected roughly 30 LSU Football players. However, on the flipside, those who are testing positive are going into the hospital and need to be on ventilators less often than in months prior. And outside of 3 specific regions in the state, that downward trend seems to be true across the state.

The other issue is what Phase 3 will look like. During the original layout, Phase 3 seemed to be more or less wide open. And, what I mean by that, is that capacity limits for all venue types were eliminated and that there were no restrictions on what types of business can operate. However, mitigation factors such as social distancing and mask usage are still heavily encouraged. With the recent 'spike' in numbers in various places, that could cause Phase 3 to be delayed or rewritten to address current circumstances in the state.

You can watch the Governor's address to the state below starting at 2:30 pm.

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