It's almost the most wonderful time of the year, where we gather around a table with those we love most and those we have not seen in so long and we tiptoe around conversations like politics, religion, and of course COVID-19.

What is the only way many of us make it through the holidays? Booze of course.

I think my family could handle a turkey missing from the dining room table over missing some of our favorite wine and liquor. We could adapt for sure, but when it comes to alcohol, I don't know how we could possibly function.

We have all heard of the crazy disruptions affecting ports all over the world.

The port of Los Angeles has been gaining national attention due to the gridlock with shipping containers. These containers are holding toys, shoes, and clothes that Americans plan to purchase for the holidays. Do you know what else is in there that you and I desperately need for the holidays? Alcohol.

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Several experts are saying this will cause a serious alcohol shortage, not just in California, but nationwide.

Southern California is already seeing a shortage of alcohol and glass bottles. If you think we are golden because we are in Louisiana, think again. Experts are worried that this issue will only get worse as it spreads throughout the nation.

ABC 7 spoke to Jake Duke, who is a regional manager of Spec's Liquor in Los Angeles, and he told them that there is no telling what products will be coming in daily. Duke claimed that they once had 50 people show up early before the store even opened just to purchase what alcohol they could.

Duke claimed that although they aren't sold out of alcohol, there are certain types of liquors that they can't keep in stock and are gone from the shelves as soon as they are put up.

Keep in mind, thanks to President Joe Biden we will probably see a decline of supply chain workers come December 18th.

Remember when President Joe Biden told all the companies that work with the federal government to lay off all employees who don't get vaccinated for COVID-19? The mandate is in place come December 18th.

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