Legal analyst and attorney Royal Alexander talks about the 2nd Amendment cases soon to be heard by the US Supreme Court and why he thinks the justices will strengthen American's gun rights.

In a recent article at, Alexander says that he is optimistic that SCOTUS will rule in favor of Second Amendment proponents.

The U.S. Supreme Court appears poised to strengthen and expand 2nd Amendment rights after a decade of no action on the issue. The Court has several current opportunities to further address the scope of its Heller decision that generally pose one legal question: how far may states go in restricting the individual right to carry guns outside a home.

"It's been about ten years since the Court has waded into the Second Amendment fight," Alexander says, referring to the Heller case, "There are several (cases) before the Supreme Court now and this is the issue they address every time they take up a case: How far can a state go in restricting the individual's right to carry a gun outside the home?

Again, Alexander from

Several months ago, the Court considered a different prohibition by New York City that kept gun owners from transporting firearms to ranges or second homes outside of the city..."

He also cites cases from different states involving gun rights for non-violent felons, requiring proof of a "special need" to own a firearm and the states' right to mandate gun storage inside the owner's domicile.

And Alexander thinks that the current Court will find for gunowners. "It's not like we're making a reach her," he says, "And I think there are six Justices who are going to say, 'States, you are going too far.'"


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