Our sources tell us that the cities of both Shreveport and Bossier City have decided not to allow the sale of fireworks this Independence Day holiday season.  That is not confirmed by city officials, however. 

KEEL News has spoke with representatives with Shreveport Fire and Bossier City Fire Departments this week, and both spokesmen said they had been speaking to each other and that a decision would be made by the end of this week.  The end of this week is Friday, in terms of a business week.  And for Shreveport, a decision would have to come by Friday, since by city ordinance fireworks can be sold beginning Saturday.  In Bossier City, its city ordinance states that fireworks cannot be sold until June 28th, one week before the July 4th holiday.

Even though Bossier City appears to have more time to decide, its also expected to make a decision based on what Shreveport does, and that is expected tomorrow.

We would hope that the source we have is wrong about this, so that everyone who wants to sell, buy and enjoy fireworks this season can, but if the authorities deem is unsafe because of our drought conditions, we must respect that, or at least accept it.

Stay with 710 KEEL News for the very latest, as we will broadcast the decision once its made.

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