Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A wildfire is raging in northern Caddo Parish -- despite the limited amount of rain we got over the weekend. And that's prompted Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain to issue a warning to all residents north of Oil City to be prepared to evacuate if law enforcement officials should tell them to do so. Strain's office is the lead agency in fighting this wildfire. He's ordered all of his department's available resources to assist firefighters from Caddo Fire District-Seven and other adjoining Fire Districts in their efforts to curtail this blaze. In addition, Governor Bobby Jindal has ordered National Guard Helicopters, equipped with large water buckets, to assist in the fire-fighting effort. At last report, there were 25 fire units from every Fire District in Caddo Parish as well as 35 units from the Caddo Sheriff's Office working to fight the fire and keep motorists away from it.

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