Today is the final day to qualify to run for political office in Shreveport. Of course, this cycle the mayor's office and several city council chairs will be up for grabs. Mayor Ollie Tyler will face some stiff competition as she seeks re-election. There are also several city council seat races that expected to be highly contested.

In District F, current Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch has yet to qualify for re-election. In District G, Jerry Bowman is expected to run unopposed.

Below is the current list of everyone who has qualified for all the big races around the city.


  • Tremecius Dixon
  • Steven Jackson
  • Adrian Perkins
  • Jeron Rogers
  • Leo O. Savage Jr
  • “Jim” Taliaferro
  • Ollie S. Tyler
  • John-Paul Young

Councilman District A

  • Lloyd Anderson
  • Willie Bradford
  • Rose Wilson McCulloch

Councilman District B

  • Craig B. Lee
  • Laura McLemore
  • Wendy Vance

Councilman District C

  • Patrick Kirton
  • John Nickelson

Councilman District D

  • Grayson Boucher
  • Dana Cawthon
  • Versa “V.O.” Clark
  • Keith Hanson

Councilman District E

  • Quinton Aught
  • James Flurry

Councilman District F

  • James Green

Councilman District G

  • Jerry Bowman Jr.

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