Things are so serious in the world today that we try to have a little fun every now and then. We call it fun Friday. Since we had Shreveport Council Vice Chair LeVette Fuller in studio all week, I decided to let her be the focus of our Fun Friday segment.

Kickball For A Home - Celebrity Challenge Presented By Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption
Rachel Murray

She wants to throw out a first pitch at a Little League Baseball game and I told her I would be there for that because I think the video could go viral as she might not even be able to make it all the way to home plate on a Little League field.

Then the wheels in my brain started churning and I thought if we played a kickball game against each other who would win. I gave her some choices of locally known folks to see who she would pick for her kickball team.

Here are the choices:

Doug Warner of KSLA or Gerry May of KTBS

Shreveport Councilman Jerry Bowman or Councilman John Nickelson

Adrian Perkins or Lo Walker

Steve Prator or Ben Raymond

KSLA's Domonique Benn or KTBS's Linnea Fayard Allen

Robert J. Wright or Erin McCarty

Her answers are hilarious. Would you make the same choices she made? I would definitely pick Robert for my team over myself, because he can run to first base. I'd probably have to skip.

I'm kind of surprised by some of Fuller's choices, but she nearly spit her coffee out when Domonique Benn texted her right away and said "I'm listening, thanks for picking me" or something like that. I think it would be fun. But no kickball game can be planned until we don't have to wear face coverings. I guess we have something to look forward to.

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