Which local newsmakers were busy getting their message out to the public during 2021?

No doubt this has been another year when the COVID pandemic dominated the news. We were dealing with the Delta variant in the early part of the year and now we are seeing cases of the Omicron strain climb across the nation. Hospitalizations have doubled in Louisiana from just a week ago and the experts expect to see the numbers continue to climb through the new year.

Several of our guests on KEEL were discussing this topic. But we also had several guests on local and state government and the winter storm from earlier this year.

We also had several guests discussing the crime problem in our community.

Those just outside our top 10 list include former Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond, Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez and State Education Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley.

Folks that have fallen off our list from last year.

Local political analyst Scott Hughes made 18 appearances on our show in 2020. Most of our conversations focused on the election of 2020. But we also had a great conversation with him about the booming real estate market. He did fill in for Robert several times this year, but we don't count those as interview visits.

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