Democrats and older folks are much more likely to get in line as soon at the COVID-19 vaccine is available to the public. A Gallup poll shows 58% of Americans are eager to get the shot to help prevent getting the virus.

Of those who say "no way" to the vaccine, they worry about how quickly it was developed and brought to the market. Many of those folks say they want to wait to confirm it is safe before they will get vaccinated.

Back in September 50% of Americans said they would line up to get the shots. This latest survey was done between October 19 and November 1 which is after we learned the vaccines are 90% effective, or better.

69% of Democrats say they will get a vaccine. That number is up from 53% from the September survey. Another big change in the survey is that folks between 45 and 64 are much more likely to get the vaccine. 49% now say they will get it. That's up from just 36% for the same demographic in September.

Non whites are the least likely to get the vaccine. Only 48% of the people in that demographic say they will get vaccinated.

When will Louisiana get the vaccine?

Governor John Bel Edwards says we should get shipments in less than 2 weeks.

I have every expectation that sometime around the middle of December we should receive a number of doses of the Pfizer vaccine first. We don't know how many, it could be as few as 30,000, might be 60,000, we don't know for sure right now.


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