The Louisiana Radio Network first released a story that could have implications world wide; especially if this trend is being replicated internationally.

In the story we learn that Louisiana nurses have a completely different opinion than the state's health officials in regards to the number of adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines.

Those health officials testified to Louisiana lawmakers that, as of this week, there were only 11 cases in Louisiana where patients suffered what they qualified as a "severe adverse event" after having received the COVID vaccination.

Lafayette ICU nurse, Heather LeBeouf, disagrees with that number saying, “I could come up with 11 people admitted to my hospital right now, that I would report as having possible effects.”

How Are the Adverse Reactions to the COVID Vaccine Under-Reported?

The problem appears to be one of unawareness.  Nurses like LeBeouf claim they've been completely in the dark on the proper procedure to fully report these adverse reactions.

Apparently there is a call-in system designed to handle these reports, but LeBeouf says that this procedure hasn't been effectively communicated to most of those on Louisiana's medical front lines and that most don't even know of its existence.

Because of that, the adverse COVID vaccination reactions aren't being fully reported.  LeBeouf says, “I’ve asked my management this. I’ve asked physicians, nurse practitioners … and asked every nurse in the ICU yesterday … ‘who do you think is supposed to report these things?’ and they said ‘I don’t know. I guess the patient? or the doctor?'”

Elizabeth Suire, another Lafayette ICU nurse, Elizabeth Suire, essentially echoes LeBeouf's testimony, saying, “I’ve approached physicians about it, and it’s always brushed aside. It’s never addressed. It’s not reported. It’s not mentioned in patient notes”

How Many Louisiana People Have Actually Suffered Adverse Reactions?

So, if 11 isn't the real number, what is it? And just how bad are these reactions? Hopefully, the real truth will rise from the ashes.

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