A man who carries a brown satchel has residents of Shreveport's Highland neighborhood on alert.

The man typically dresses in all black and he's been knocking on doors telling a sad story about his mom being sick. He asks for money at each stop. Apparently some residents are giving him money, because he continues to comb the neighborhood. Police have been called about this guy, but the real question is this: Is it a crime to go door to door asking for help.

One resident posted this warning:

We live in the 900 block of Prospect St , white male 40's, balding wet hair, dressed in all black , caring a brown leather shoulder purse, rings door bell ! My husband answered , this man started with , I hope you can help me out , my mom in hospital and I need money !!! My hubby told him , don't need to hear your story , and you need to go away ! And if you keep ringing door bells around here your gona get the police called on your ass ! He left and walked towards fairfield . My husband is making a report with SPD , and I say that because we want our neighbors and our friends to be safe ! It's a sad world we live in , that you can't trust people anymore , but using my front porch for your bank and my good heart for your pleasure has stopped today ! Please be careful , and don't forget that Shreveport has places for people in need of a meal , a bed, a kind heart and hand ! But cash hand outs , well by his looks I think I know what he was wanting to buy and those are the most dangerous , they will do anything to get what they want ! Stay safe !

Other residents have reported seeing him on Kirby, Robinson, Thornhill and other nearby streets. Some witnesses say he may be with a woman. Police have this advice for residents: "Never open your door to a stranger. Call police and report any suspicious activity.

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