OK, so it's pretty much a Looney Tunes question, but what would happen if you dug straight down from where you're at now? You know, like with a shovel or backhoe.

It's a totally crazy to think about, its totally impossible to achieve. But thanks to the magic of technology, we can pinpoint what would happen, without having to actually do the digging. With the website AntipodesMap.com, we're able to put in any location on Earth, and run the numbers to find out exactly where the opposite mark on the planet would be.

So we went ahead and put in Shreveport, Louisiana to see where we'd end up if we went Bugs Bunny with a shovel. Here's what we got...


Straight into the Indian Ocean, with not much land around at all. The closest land is likely Australia, or the French Southern & Antarctic Lands. Basically if we were able to do this (not even considering what we'd run into at the Earth's core) we'd end up creating a giant water drain from the Ocean into Shreveport.

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