Jerry Tillery is a physical freak. He's 6'7, almost 300 pounds, runs a 40 yard dash in under 5 seconds, and has a 32 inch vertical leap. Let's mix in the fact that he's got a genius level intellect.

Who wouldn't want this monster on the NFL team?

Tillery played his high school football at Evangel, before taking his talents north to Notre Dame. He was originally recruited as an offensive lineman, before asking to switch to the defensive side of the ball. What a smart move for him, and the coaches who approved the move.

His college career was impressive, his stats speak for themselves, and the fact his Notre Dame team had at least 10 wins and two trips to bowl games over his last two years position Tillery as a winner.

So what will happen when the NFL Draft starts up? Where will Tillery land? Some draft projections have him going as high as #12 to the Green Bay Packers, while others suggest he may fall into the second round.

But the website For The Win has been keeping track of all the major mock drafts this year, and have created a "composite" mock draft spot. From their research, the most likely landing spot for Tillery is #29, which would be the Kansas City Chiefs Seattle Seahawks (who just traded for the Chiefs pick). Seattle does need defensive line help, but it's not their biggest need. However the two teams on both sides of that pick, #28 the Los Angeles Chargers, and #30 the Green Bay Packers, could both be landing spots that would make a lot of sense.

There's been a lot of talk about how much the New England Patriots like Tillery, but they'd need him to fall all the way to #32, or make a trade up.

Right now, the most likely destinations for Tillery are:

1. Green Bay

2. New England

3. Seattle

The best part about that, all three franchises are great, and Tillery would likely flourish with any of those systems.

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