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Shreveport has been under a boil advisory since Wednesday afternoon due to repairs being made at some of the city's water towers.  Shreveport Water & Sewer Director William Daniel told KEEL News Thursday morning the issue with the towers was discovered during a routine maintenance service check.

Daniel said:

"We were getting ready to rehab these tanks in question, and I asked the Department of Health if they would fly their drones over the top. They told us they had new capabilities and I told them that would help us in our rehab efforts. They discovered that there were some small, probably cathodic protection holes where we hang anodes inside the tanks that had rusted and were exposed. So, their rules state that all water tanks have to be water-tight, so they issued a notice of violation."  Daniel continued, "I also want to say that, we test our water regularly, and there is absolutely no problem with the water. We pass every single test."


City workers are expected to make repairs beginning Thursday morning, and expect to have the repairs finished Thursday.  When asked if the boil advisory would then be lifted after repairs are completed, Daniel replied:

"We're going to repair the tanks, then we're going to take pictures of those repairs. We'll give those pictures to LDH, and once LDH is satisfied with those repairs, then they'll ask us to test, (the water). It takes probably a day for us to do all the testing, so hopefully by tomorrow or the next day, the order will be lifted."  Daniel reiterated: "Keep in mind, these are very, very small holes, and we test our water regularly, and there is absolutely no issue with Shreveport water quality whatsoever."

Hopefully the boil advisory will be lifted in the next couple days.  Keel News will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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