For some, the wait has seemed like forever. But to Louisiana's politicians and regulators, putting the final touches on the state's sports betting rules has been a mad dash to the finish line.

According to numerous sources, state gaming regulators are close to approving the sports betting. However, the Louisiana State Police isn’t quite ready to recommend which of the 13 applications will be the first to be approved.

But it sure looks like they'll be making their decision soon.

According to KTBS, "State Police Major Chuck McNeal, whose State Police Gaming Enforcement Division is vetting the applicants, says, 'November is realistic.'"

Problems still to be solved are betting and collection procedures at the to-be-approved casinos, plus the not-so-small details of paying off winning tickets and the length of time winners will have to collect. Those rules still need to be agreed to, then passed on to state regulators for final approval.

In a recent interview with KEEL, State Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns said that 13 of the state's 20 casinos have filed all of the paperwork to kick off sports betting. But Johns was reticent to give details about which casinos are first in line. He did confirm that some of those early applicants did come from the Shreveport Bossier market.

According to Johns, initially, sports betting will be permitted in-person, in an approved casino. He added that eventually, licenses will be granted for bets to placed on smart phones and over the internet on laptops, PCs, etc. Plus the state is also working on the "geo-fencing" technology that will make online sports gaming unavailable in the 9 parishes that voted against the measure.

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