Temperatures will climb above freezing for much of today and the thaw will begin. Shreveport crews will go into high gear to get water restores to the city.
Leaders say these extreme weather conditions have "wreaked havoc on the city’s water system causing numerous water main breaks".

The City has been working to provide water to critical locations, with hospitals
being the top priority. The National Guard has also been called on to provide much needed water tankers. DOTD has been working to get the roads clear so crews could get to some of the water main breaks that have been reported all around town.

The city sent out this update about the repair work:

Water field personnel and On-Demand Contractors are working on finding and repairing leaks. Meter technicians will make additional meter repairs and turn off the meters where water is flowing due to broken pipes.

For emergency needs workers at the Amiss Water Plant have been been filling tankers, with the assistance of the Shreveport Fire Department to provide water at hospitals and dialysis centers.  Mayor Adrian Perkins says “We have made progress filling some of our tanks and have restored service to different parts of Shreveport.

He adds “As conditions improve, we expect to have even more areas with water service.”

Another part of the problem the city is dealing with is an aging water and sewer system which has likely contributed to the water problems we are now having. You also have to compound that with the fact that many residents were running faucets to keep pipes from freezing. That also caused a very heavy strain on the system.

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