The LSU Tigers have gone undefeated through the entire season (in the modern era) only one time before and that was in 1958 when the Tigers won the national championship.

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The 2011 Tigers went 13-0 only to be beaten by Alabama in the National Championship game. We do need to note, the 1908 Tigers were 10-0, but that was before the NCAA crowned a champ. The National Championship Foundation has retroactively awarded the 1908 LSU squad with a co-national championship, but the school does not officially recognize it.

Here are some other squads that finished the season with only 1 loss and #5 in the nation. 1987, the Tigers went 10-1-1 (tied Ohio State and lost to Alabama).

In 1961, LSU went 10-1 with a loss to Rice in week 1 and finished the season at #4.

The 2007 Tigers won the National Championship with a 12-2 record (the only team to win the title with 2 losses).

The Tigers also won the National Championship in 2003 with a 13-1 record. The only loss that year was to Florida. The title is controversial because the Associated Press voted USC as No. 1, the Coaches Poll crowned LSU national champions after the Tigers beat the Oklahoma Sooners, 21-14, in New Orleans.

Most experts say the 1958 team is the best in the school's history, boasting a 10-0 regular season record and a win over Clemson in the title game. The 1958 team had the famous "Chinese Bandits" defense. I remember my Dad reminiscing about this team for years.

The team was coached by the legend Paul Dietzel and boasted star running back Billy Cannon who helped the team win the title while Cannon earned the Heisman Trophy.


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