Ahhh...the ice cream truck. I remember as a kid, running up and down my street in Caddo Heights with a pocket full of change I had collected, waiting for the ice cream truck to turn the corner. One Screwball for me, and a Bomb-Pop for Mom. It was one of the easiest and most thrilling transactions ever as a child.

Apparently, in the Highland and Broadmoor area, this innocent practice has been sullied by what some have called the scariest and most hard to stop ice cream truck in history.

I've never personally gone out to greet this particular ice cream truck, for I am now a grown up, and I buy my frozen treats by the 1/2 gallon, so that I may eat them on my couch during a good cry. I have heard the offending purveyor of cold dairy nightmares. With the wobbly song, just in and out of tune punctuated by the disembodied "Hello." Is it coming from the truck, or from inside my head? I don't know.

I'm glad I have avoided actually trying to buy something from this terror peddler. According to some people, the ice cream truck is even more frightening in person. These are actual posts from people on a Broadmoor Neighborhood Facebook group. No names have been used to protect those who speak out against the Popsicle Pariah. All misspelling and grammatical errors are lifted directly from the posts. You can't expect perfect syntax when you're running for your life, can you?

"I hear the ice cream truck! Everybody hide!!!"

"Is the ice cream guy really driving down the shirtless?????"

"Who car got hit by ice cream bus"

"If you see the new ice cream bus today beware ... He just side swiped a neighbors car..."

"Ice cream truck just passed playing 'Rudolph the red nose reindeer'" - Post was made April 24th.

"So, I know our ice cream man is a bit of a running joke, but why is he driving around with his music on at 11pm, going about 40 down Albert."

Who knows what could be happening. Just be careful out there. And if all else fails...You can always find a good sale on a whole box of ice cream sandwiches.

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