Today, Governor John Bel Edwards will be providing an important update on the state's plan to re-open. When the Governor extended the stay at home order to May 15th, Edwards said he would meet with health officials, look at critical data and make an announcement on May 11th about the future of the state during the coronavirus outbreak.

Well, today is the day. At 2:30 pm, the Governor will give a very important update about the State's future. This is a critical point for the Governor's legacy and the state's future. While the impact of COVID-19 has not been as significant as early projections indicated, the state has still been experiencing higher numbers of cases than many places in the nation.

Below is a statement the Governor put on Facebook to promote today's press conference:

TODAY: Gov. Edwards will make an announcement about the Stay at Home order and provide an update on Louisiana's response to COVID-19. As of 12 p.m., the Louisiana Department of Health is reporting 31,815 positive cases of #COVID19 in Louisiana

But, with a lack of revenue coming into the state and many cities experiencing hardships, continuing the 'Stay at Home' order could cause a fiscal disaster.

What will the Governor decide to do? What will the next two weeks to a month look like for the Bayou State? Watch his John Bel's news conference below.

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