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Election day is less than a week away, on Tuesday November 3rd.

Since we're so close, we thought it would be a great chance to further explore some of what you'll see on this year's ballot. We can't break down every ballot for every precinct in the state, but if you're looking for your exact ballot, you can find it here. There are 7 proposed Constitutional Amendments in Louisiana this year. You'll also find a measure on Sports Wagering as well.

That's right, sports wagering, or sports betting. This is, in fact, something that Louisiana's 64 Parishes have already voted on. But even in the Parishes that approved sports betting and fantasy sports, the State Legislature still couldn't figure it out. So now it's back on teh ballot in each of the state's Parishes. Here's the text you'll see on your ballot:


Shall sports wagering activities and operations be permitted in the parish of Parish Name (Caddo, Bossier, Red River, etc)

YES ( )

NO ( )

So what does that mean? The actual text of Senate Bill No. 130 of the Louisiana Senate's 2020 Regular Session is too long to list out here. But you can read the full text by following this link. But this is the main part:

In the event of the legalization of sports wagering in any parish as a result of the proposition election held on November 3, 2020, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board shall have all regulatory authority, control, and jurisdiction, including investigation, licensing, and enforcement, and all power incidental or necessary to such regulatory authority, control, and jurisdiction over all aspects of sports wagering activities and operations, except as otherwise specified in this Title.

So what does all of that mean for you?

A vote YES on this would be in favor of allowing fantasy sports and sports betting to operate inside Parish where the votes are cast. The main difference between this ballot proposal, and the one already approved by most Parishes, is that this puts the authority over sports betting with the state's Gaming Control Board. 

A vote NO on this would prevent fantasy sports and sports betting to be legalized in the Parish where the vote is cast. 

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