If I seem extra chipper these days, it's only because we are entering my favorite season of the year!

Now that we are past Labor Day, I'm declaring the arrival of the fall season. I know that the season doesn't officially start until the Autumn Equinox which takes place on September 22, but Labor Day weekend is the end of summer in my book. If you don't want to take my word for it, just ask Starbucks... They've officially released the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I love this season so much! I think it's because this season delights all of my senses.


Country Road in the Fall
JillLang, ThinkStock Images

Everywhere you look you can see fall. For me, everything is more vibrant in the fall. It's almost like the heat waves have lifted, making everything crisp and clear. The leaves also begin change color which is always gorgeous. If that's not enough, we see football all around us ranging from high school to college. Now, that's the sight of fall.


American Football Series
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We might as well continue on with the theme of football and fall. Nothing screams fall more than the roar of a crowd in a football stadium. We also hear the sound of a light breeze rustling through the trees and hear those leaves crunching under our totally-in-season boots.


Person holding pile of autumn leaves, mid section
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In addition to hearing those leaves crunch under our feet, we can also feel them. If you're like me, you will go out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf. You also pride yourself on finding the crunchiest one. We can feel a coolness in the air and let's not forget the feeling of a scarf around your neck, or a kimono layered on the perfect outfit. And what feels better than over-the-knee boots.


Apple Pie
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For me the taste of fall goes beyond just pumpkin spice. Growing up in the mountains of southern California, my hometown was known for their apple pies. Fall to me means a slice of hot, out-of-the-oven apple pie with a hefty scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. I also think of caramel-covered apples and toasty marshmallows. On the savory side, it's all about the Frito-pie at football tailgates, or brisket in a smoker.


candle Citronella
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Of course those delicious flavors come with smells that are just as intoxicating. A grill or a smoker burning hot outside a college football game is the essence of fall. Pies cooking in the oven and pumpkin flavored coffee rounds out the aromas of fall. Not to mention, you can smell fall in the air outside. Or maybe that's because I'm a fall-obsessed individual.

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