Governor Bobby Jindal has suspended his campaign for President. So what's next for Jindal?

Jindal has a little over seven weeks left as Louisiana’s governor. Jindal says one of his top priorities is to help the next governor prepare for their four-year term.

I'll be reaching out personally to the Governor-Elect to not only make the cabinet officials available, but anybody from the budget office and anyone else. I'll offer any assistance they need to make this as smooth a transition as possible.

Jindal says he has already voted, but would not tell reporters who he voted for to succeed him. He does not want to get involved in Saturday’s election.

I do trust the judgment of the people of Louisiana. Whoever is elected Saturday, I am confident that four years from now, we'll be better off than we were when that Governor started. So I'’m optimistic.

The governor and his family are preparing for life as private citizens. They are building a home in the Baton Rouge area that’s expected to be completed in early December.

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