Every day, from coast to coast, law enforcement officers head to work knowing that if the situation arises, they'll be running toward danger, while others run the other way. That's part of what they do when they pledge to protect and serve the citizens of their communities.

Despite that pledge, two police officers in Denison, TX, about 75 miles north of Dallas, learned the hard way that not everyone appreciates their efforts. The two went into their local Whataburger Saturday, October 14, 2017, where they were refused service and cursed at by a female employee who claimed, “cops beat up my boyfriend and are racists.

Breitbart Texas reached out to Whataburger's headquarters for comment and here's their response"

Kudos to Whataburger and here's a big thank you to all law enforcement officers and first responders who put our needs before theirs each and every day!

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