As the State of Louisiana continues their response to the COVID-19 outbreak, new problems continue to arise with the response. One of the major issues authorities have been fighting is fake information.

Louisiana State Police, and other law enforcement agencies, have been dealing with fake information about the State's response to the outbreak for weeks. Most of this fake information is being spread through social media in the state.

Agencies have been flooded with phone calls over rumors of road closures related to mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Louisiana State Police Lt. Nick Manale told the Louisiana Radio Network that while there may be road closures, it’s not because of some of the far-fetched rumors found on social media.

“Obviously if we do have some sort of interstate incident involving a traffic collision or construction detours, we’ll have that information posted” 

Manale insists that the public get information from trusted, reliable sources.

“...please refrain from sharing misinformation, untrue social media posts, and other rumors going around the state right now” 

The spread of this information in our state can be a criminal offense. Last week the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office arrested a 27-year-old man over a Facebook post. That man faces prison time and a large fine, if convicted.

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