University of Louisiana System President Dr. Jim Henderson talks to 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the Governor's Phase I reopening and what that means for the chances of colleges reopening in the fall.

"It's great news when you're making progress," Henderson says, referring to the Phase I order, "Especially when that good news is based on data and recommendations from health experts."

Henderson reminds KEEL listeners that plans are already in place to limit colleges in system to online classes, but Governor John Bel Edwards' newest order "aligns well with our plans to have a presence on our campuses this fall."

The former BPCC Chancellor also addresses the prospect of reopening universities across the state. "It's a concern," he says, "You're seeing nationwide students that are considering other options for colleges and universities. Many students are saying they want to stay closer to home, which is what our university system is. So, some of the impact, when you hear it in the aggregate or you hear about it nationally, is a little bit different for us here in Louisiana. I'm optimistic that we'll have students, I will tell you that things will look a little bit different on campuses."

Henderson then talks about the possibility of cuts to higher education due to radically decreased revenue to the state. "We went through a decade of budget slashes...but it is still troubling. I will tell you that we've been working closely with the administration and members of the legislature to find ways to stem cuts to higher education."

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