There are not too many things that are worse smelling than dead, rotting fish.  And no one knows this better than the residents of the Broadmoor and the Captain Shreve neighborhoods.  KTAL recently reported dead fish are appearing on the Duck Pond on East Kings Highway.

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The fish are dying from a combination of the heat, and growth of duckweed, which deprives the water of much needed oxygen.  Dead fish in the Duck Pond has happened before, but it usually happens later in the summer.  The city has aerators in the pond, but not enough.  Residents who live directly on the bayou have even placed sprinklers and aerators into the pond bayou directly behind their property to try to help oxygenate and clean the water.  But to little avail.

Residents in the Captain Shreve Neighborhood Association have pleaded with the city to install additional aerators. But the city has not been able to fund any additional aerators, or even repair existing malfuntioning ones.

Residents are concerned the rotting fish, along with the stagnant water are creating, not just an eyesore, but also health hazards, including additional vermin and mosquitoes.  Where people used to be able to fish the bayou, or spend time enjoying the park, many residents have come to avoid the area saying the stench and filth has become unbearable.

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