Will you even be celebrating with family for Thanksgiving next week? What are your favorite items on the table? I'm a big fan of my family's oyster dressing. My brother Michael typically makes it and it really is the best dressing I have ever eaten.

I've never tried to make it, but I might have to try it this year.

Of course we all love turkey and those great casseroles. I also make a pretty mean cranberry dressing from fresh berries and oranges. It goes great with the turkey and even a pork roast which we typically have.

What are your favorite side dishes on the big holiday spread? Eatthis.com did a survey and found the top side dishes in each state.

Click here to see the favorite from each state.

Some of the selections are a little surprising. In Alabama, they put dressing at the top of the list. Arkansas residents put white gravy as the favorite which is pretty surprising. I really don't consider gravy a side dish. But to each his own.

Mashed potatoes wins in several states including California. I am also stunned to see Maine residents list a side salad as the favorite side dish for Thanksgiving. A side salad, really? What the heck is wrong with you?  There a few things that make the list in some of the states that are just not on my holiday dinner table. Indiana residents put deviled eggs as the favorite. I don't get this one. I love deviled eggs, but we don't have them for Thanksgiving.

The other item that is on tables across the United State is mac and cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mac and cheese, but it's not on our table for a holiday meal.

Another favorite for me is our sweet potato dish. Our family recipe is not a casserole. We typically have sweet potatoes that are cooked in a butter and brown sugar sauce and it is so delicious. Creamed corn is a favorite in Kansas and that's a pretty good selection. I just don't have it on my plate.

Mississippi residents put baked sweet potatoes at number 1. That's a pretty good choice too.


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