LSU finished the 2019 season undefeated and won the national championship. Most would argue Joe Burrow was the primary reason for the success of the Tigers.
That's pretty hard to dispute. There is no doubt he single-handily helped the Tigers succeed in many close games.

Can the Tigers come close to the success of last years' team with a new quarterback? And don't forget we also lost Joe Brady, who was the passing game coordinator for the Tigers. He is now the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Brady won the Broyles Award for the best assistant coach in college football.

Let's take a look at the schedule for this year which will include only SEC teams.

September 26th, LSU vs Mississippi State
October 3rd, LSU at Vanderbilt
October 10th, LSU vs Missouri
October 17th, LSU at Florida
October 24th, LSU vs South Carolina
October 31st, LSU at Auburn
November 14th, LSU vs Alabama
November 21st, LSU at Arkansas
November 28th, LSU at Texas A&M
December 5th, LSU vs Ole Miss
December 19th, SEC Championship

Make no mistake about it, this is a tough schedule. To only play teams from the SEC with no real "cupcake" teams from out of conference makes every game critical.

LSU is not the only team dealing with quarterback issues. Alabama's star Tua Tagovailoa has moved on to the pros. But Bama has loaded up on young QB talent.

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Here are my predictions for this strange year for the Tigers:

We will go 10-1 during the regular season with our only loss coming on the road at Auburn. I know that's a little off the wall to predict a loss to Auburn this early. But I think the Tigers will start off the season going gangbusters with big wins against Mississippi State, Vanderbilt and Missouri. We will struggle a bit at Florida, but hang on for the win and we will easily dispatch South Carolina. But then looking ahead to Alabama, the Tigers will stumble on the road at Auburn.  The Tigers will then win out the rest of the season and be in contention for a repeat as the Champs.

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