There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold treat. We are lucky to have so many great choices. I'm sure I'm leaving some of your favorites out, but here are my top 10 treats to enjoy on a hot summer day. If I'm in the mood for a root beer float, I'd stop by Rotolos, Happy Bellys or Twisted Root Burger where you can get one made with Barqs root beer.




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    Happy Bellys: I love the gelati which is a layered treat of Italian ice and frozen custard, but my Marine son is hooked on the Birthday Cake Shake. He even says this is the dessert he wants with his final meal. You can get the best tasting Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. The Italian Ices are made fresh daily from fruit juices and purees.  Happy Bellys is located on Youree Drive in Shreveport.



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    My favorite treat from this snow cone stand is the black cherry. I'll even splurge and get some of the cream on top. Kalona Kones is the cheapest snow-cone place in town. Over 70 flavors of Tasty Snow -cones. Stuffed (vanilla at bottom of cup) or not. Sugar Free also. Pickle freezes if you are so inclined. Its on Captain Shreve Drive near the Broadmoor Library. It even has a little Hawaiian flare to make you feel like you're on the island!

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    The Humphrey is legendary. It's a bit pricey, but worth it every now and then. I've even substituted a Humphrey for lunch! The tangy, plain yogurt is full of flavor, and is 98.5% fat free! Counter Culture has several locations across Shreveport-Bossier.

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    The blackberry snow-cone with cream on top is my favorite. You might also try Tiger's Blood, which is strawberry and coconut mixed. They can add cream to any flavor for 35 cents. These are New Orleans-styled snow balls. It's in the Ellis parking lot on Airline Drive in Bossier.


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    So many choices at this treat shop. You'll find shakes, smoothies, yogurt and sorbets.  You can even grab an ice cream cake for that special occasion. My favorite treat is the ice cream sandwich rolled in chocolate chip cookies. Cold Stone Creamery is at the LA Boardwalk in Bossier City.

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    These are gourmet popsicles. A-Lotta-Colada is my favorite. It tastes like it sounds, a pina colada.They also have a mojito popsicle that is very tasty. You'll find Geauxicles on Youree Drive at Ockley.



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    So many choices here. You can get any kind of ice cream flavor and mix it without whatever treats you love. Where else can you get cotton candy ice cream mixed with cookie dough? You should try's quite good. You can also get the hottest trend in ice cream with the new ice cream cupcakes.


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    This is frozen yogurt in a self-serve atmosphere. You will have trouble making your choices. You'll find 12 different varieties of yogurt and 62 toppings. I like vanilla with reeses and pecans mixed in.


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    yogurt in a self-serve atmosphere. You will have trouble This is an old favorite. So many flavors, but I just can't get away from the old standby, Pralines & Cream. You can also get shakes, floats and ice cream cakes for those special events.


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    Polar ice is my favorite, but beware of blue tongue. I also love grabbing a grape or cherry snow cone on a hot summer day. You might want to add the cream for an extra special treat. So delish!