One thing most Texans have in common is our intense love for Blue Bell Ice Cream. After all, it is made right here, over in Brenham. In my opinion, nothing compares to that signature Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. OMG. (I wonder if I have some of this in the freezer.)

I confess I am also a huge fan of Haagen-Dazs, Dreyer's, and my second favorite ice cream in the world--Ben & Jerry's. Particularly Chocolate Therapy and Karamel-Sutra. (I wonder if I have some of that in the freezer.)

However there's no doubt that Ben & Jerry's have long been vocal about where they stand on various political issues. T'was always thus. I tend to filter out this kind of stuff and don't let it get to me if it's a product I really enjoy.

Recently, they tweeted in regard to the recent tragic shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Many are horrified by what happened--no matter their political affiliation. However, Ben & Jerry's subsequent tweets have caused even some Ben & Jerry's devotees threaten to make a switch to Blue Bell.

So what was the enraging tweet?

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So, how about you? Does this tweet make you want to boycott Ben & Jerry's or become an even bigger fan?

And whatever your answer, politics aside, eating more Blue Bell is a good idea anyway. But not because of politics--at least, not for me. Cuz, it's Blue Bell and this is Texas, for heavens sake. ;)

I still love Ben & Jerry's too, though.

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