This morning we were joined by Rusty Scarborough, Master Falconer and Park Naturalist for Caddo Parish Parks and Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park in Shreveport, LA. When Rusty comes to the studio, he always brings a healthy breakfast to share. In this case, that breakfast involved bugs.

This weekend Caddo Parish Parks and Recreation Department will host the annual Bugs, Bats, & Bones event at Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park on Saturday, October 26th from 5:00pm-9:00pm. To be honest, this, to me is one of the most original "Spooky-Season" events I've ever heard of.

Available at the event, will be everything you'll see in the video above and more. Breakfast started off simple enough, with a chocolate-covered cricket. The chocolate, for sure covered up most of the cricket taste, but there was still a bait-shop-like after taste. The next course, was just a roasted cricket by itself. In my opinion, it was fine. Could have used a little Tony's.

Then came a white chocolate-chip cookie with wax worms. It started to get a little serious for me, because I feed these little worms to my bearded dragons Geri and ZZ. The cookie was fine, but the little crunch in the middle of the soft-baked cookie was a bit unnerving.

The final course, was "Red Beans & YIKES". That's a traditional red beans and rice recipe with wax worms replacing the rice. This was the hardest to look at. but the best tasting by far.

If you are at all curious about any of these delicious treats, head to the annual Bugs, Bats, & Bones event at Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park on Saturday.

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