A water main break in the Captain Shreve neighborhood has caused low water pressure for hundreds of residents.
The break happened near Haynes and Horton and crews have been on the scene throughout the night trying to make the repairs.

Residents from Southfield to Captain Shreve have reported low water pressure as a result of the break. The road at Southfield at Horton was covered with water. Residents on Audubon and River Road also reported low water pressure.

No word on what caused the break in the water line, but the City has been dealing with decaying water lines across the city. A massive project is underway to improve our water and sewer system. In fact the city is under federal orders to improve the decaying sewer lines or possibly face hefty fines. We have already spent more than 500 million dollars to upgrade the lines, but the full cost is expected to top the $1 billion dollar mark.

The city has entered into a consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice. Under this deal, the work is expected to be complete by 2026. Last year, city leaders said they would work to try to renegotiate this deal with the feds to allow for more time. The projected cost continues to climb as crews find the problems much more serious as they begin to get in and make the repairs.

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