It looks like much fun was had at Saturday's Benton Rotary Christmas Parade.

I say that not because I was actually THERE -- in fact, I was trying to deal with some issues at the house at that time, and trying to rest up for election night coverage on KEEL. It was thanks to an amazing video from the Bossier Sheriff's Office that I was able to check out all the festivities.

Of course you know that our own Robert J. Wright and Erin McCarty were the Grand Marshals this year, so I was looking for them to make an appearance in the video. They did, and it was about a minute into the recording that I got a good laugh.

You can see Erin riding in a white Jeep, tossing candy to parade-goers. When she noticed Lt. Bill Davis, the videographer, she lobbed a piece of candy at him and pegged him hard, celebrating with a hearty, "YESSSS!"

Any other time, we might consider that police brutality, but I'm sure if you asked Lt. Davis, he would say it was all in good fun. One of these days, I'll actually get to ATTEND the parade. For now, I'll have to enjoy it the way you're about to...through video.

Take a look!