If you've ever really wanted washboard abs, but you also really like chicken fried steak - I'm with you.  Why should be have to choose between delicious food and a delicious looking body?  Honestly, when you put it up to Chicken Parmesan and cheesecake versus Kale and rice cakes - I'm not going to choose the healthy option.   Now, just imagine - you could have both!

What you are looking at is the latest advancement in the field of "fakin' it till (or instead of) makin' it."  Doctors are able to create the illusion of rippling, defined abs using precisely targeted liposuction to achieve "greater definition of the abdominal muscles."

The technique was designed to help men and women who have a good diet and exercise regimen but just can't seem to, or don't want to eat like a European model for the next year in order to lose that stubborn belly fat.  These ab artists use the existing muscle structure below the fat layer as a template, with the goal of enhancing the patients hidden abs.

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