With so many businesses closing their doors temporarily due to the Coronavirus, it sometimes feels like the easiest way to describe this shutdown is by listing what is still open.

Unfortunately, the Waffle House on Old Minden Rd. in Bossier City can no longer be put on that list.  According to an employee of the of the store, the Waffle House located at 2123 Old Minden Rd will be among the 365 stores closing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant itself reported the change in what's called the "Waffle House Index" on their official Facebook page.  The index may sound funny, but it's totally legit.  FEMA uses it to track the effects of large scale emergencies.  Basically, a Waffle House will stay open until the last possible minute - so if it's closed, the authorities know to concentrate their efforts there.

As it now stands, 365 of the 1,627 Waffle House locations across the United States are closed.  According to WARE TV, there has been no announcement on when these stores would reopen.

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