Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was convicted yesterday on 20 of his 21 corruption charges and Senator David Vitter says convictions like that are necessary.

The Republican politician said corruption is part of the Louisiana political culture.

"I think the fact is that we have that background and have that history going back to Huey Long and even before," Vitter explained to KEEL Morning News.

Because it is so ingrained in the political culture of Louisiana, it has hurt the state's ability to attract new businesses and residents.

"That was one of the main obstacles we have faced in moving the state forward in attracting good industries and jobs and we need to get beyond that," said Vitter.

But, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said that the only way to change the political culture in the state is by getting convictions like we are see with the Ray Nagin case.

"When there is that corruption and based on the evidence there seemed to be in the case in the Nagin case in a very serious way, you need those convictions and you need to move on," Vitter said.


Ray Nagin Found Guilty of Corruption, Taking Bribes