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Another day, another handful of reports that bring one fact into crystal-clear focus: The COVID-19 battle in Louisiana is getting tougher everyday.  After the brief summer respite (which we thought was the end of the pandemic and the start of our "normal" life mode) the number of new infections is once again soaring in so many dangerous ways.

For one, as more people contract the disease - it spreads across the populace ever faster.  Secondly, and far more importantly, there is an upper limit on the number of COVID patients that a healthcare facility can handle - and we're reaching it.

Even if you take away every other type of medical care offered by hospitals in Louisiana (which you can't) we are still looking at a massive load on the entire healthcare system that is currently supported by dedicated but exhausted and scared individuals.  Just imagine being a nurse or a doctor who has been working non-stop since the beginning of this thing (more than a year and a half ago), and now you're seeing this horrible beast rear its ugly head again!

Luckily, as Q13FOX reports, the cavalry is on the way - literally!  OK so it's not the actual US cavalry - but it is 60 members of the U.S.'s 5th Army being sent to key COVID battlegrounds in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Both states are struggling to pull out of the latest tailspin the disease has put us in thanks to the Delta variant of the virus.

According to the report, Mississippi will be getting the help of 20 units in Tupelo and 20 more in Jackson - the 2 cities hit hardest in that state.  Louisiana will get 20 units to our state's hotspot, Baton Rouge.  Overflowing and understaffed hospitals in there will also gain the aid of an additional 20 pair of helping hands thanks to a similar detachment from the US Air Force.

Uncle Sam is sending out his best and brightest military nurses, respiratory therapists and medical doctors to help finish the fight against this disease.  This deployment is part of a larger plan put together by the Department of Defense (DOD) to try to curb the wildfire-like spread of COVID-19 across the country - lets pray that it works.

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