It goes without saying that we live in the greatest state in America. No one can deny it, Louisiana is the very best. From crawfish to Mardi Gras, we simply do it better down here.

On the website,, I found the top unique facts that only Louisiana can brag about. Check out this list and get to bragging!


  • 1

    We Have the Tallest State Capitol Building in the United States.

    That's right baby, 49 other states have capital buildings and all 49 other capital buildings are babies compared to ours! Our capital building in Baton Rouge is 450 feet tall with 34 floors.

  • 2

    The First Opera Performed in America was in New Orleans.

    When you think of our state, and our state's music, surely you think of that sweet New Orleans jazz, right? Well now, let's start thinking about Opera because the first Opera in America. In 1796, Sylvain by Andre Ernest was the first documented staging of an opera at a small theater on St. Peter Street.

  • 3

    We Have the Nation’s Largest Park Dedicated to Roses.

    Of course, this is why we named our second daughter Rosie. Right here in Shreveport, The Gardens of the American Rose Center is a 118-acre garden filled with over 65 individual rose gardens and over 20,000 rosebushes. No other state has anything quite like it.

  • 4

    We Have the Oldest Structure in the Country to be Used as a Bar.

    If there's one thing we love to do in Louisiana, it's drink baby! And we don't let some old run-down building go to waste when we can simply turn it into a bar! Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans was built between 1722 and 1732 and is a great spot to get hammered in the Quarter.

  • 5

    We Have the Longest Bridge Over Water in the Country.

    If you have a fear of bridges, you might was to stay far, far away from Southern Louisiana. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway spans 24 miles and first opened in 1956. We did hold the title for longest bridge over water in the world for a long time, but unfortunately lost that title a few years ago when a 26.4 mile long bridge was built over the Jiaozhou Bay in China. Curse you China!

  • 6

    Our Historic Landmarks Move Around.

    Of course, I'm talking about our railway cars. The St. Charles Street Car Line is the oldest street railway lines still in operation in the world. It’s been in operation since 1835 and let's face it, it's a little cooler than using an Uber.

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