For the last few weeks, there have been multiple reports of odd lights over the Bossier City area. But this isn't really anything new. There have been reports of unidentified lights in the Bossier area for decades.

Honestly, lights over Bossier shouldn't be that out of the ordinary. After all, Bossier City is home to Barksdale Air Force Base. But when the lights, sounds, and movements in the sky don't match the B-52s or standard military aircraft we've gotten used to, we start to ask questions.

Tonight is one of those nights.

These pictures and video were taken in Bossier City tonight by resident Brian Fleming, showing a line of odd lights, blinking on and off, and moving in very awkward motions.

Lights Over Bossier City - Photo Courtesy of Brian Fleming
Lights Over Bossier City - Photo Courtesy of Brian Fleming

Social media around the area was full of questions about the lights. Some suggesting black helicopters, others saying plane formations, and some claiming they were drones. The conversations exploded with people being completely sure they knew what the lights were debating with others who were completely sure they knew what they were.

But the only thing that is for sure tonight, is that the internet isn't completely sure what they saw.