Believe it or not, there are people - okay, men - who dedicate their lives to watching sports uniforms! "Sports aesthetics", they call it. And these boys, at at a website called Uni-Watch, have just completed their latest ranking of the NFL's best and worst outfits!

Uni-Watch even has Power Rankings! Here are some of the rules:

"The committee is rather fond of striped socks, for example, but is less enthusiastic about monochromatic uniforms (solid-red, solid-black, and so on) and takes a dim view of design 'innovations' that just feel like gimmicks."

And it's pick for the pro football's best uniforms? The Pittsburgh Steelers!

"...while some folks can't stand the bumblebee throwbacks, that design is actually a big hit here at Uni Watch HQ and helps vault the Steelers into the top spot in this year's Power Rankings. First rate."

But what about the Cowboys and the Saints? Well, Dallas wins the battle here, coming in at #6. And Louisiana's team? Well, the Saints are farther down the list at #18.

To see the complete Uni-Watch review of the NFL's best and worst uniforms, including the Cowboys and New Orleans, JUST CLICK HERE!

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